ye 23 year old lady h inka khns h ki inhone 1 week phle face pr wax kraya th...and uske bd face pr small se acne ho hye red. itchy .. little bit burning.plzz tell me some medicine...




First give bovista 30 and intercurrent remedy is sulphur 30 single dose can cure.

Acid nit 200 single dose sarsa 30tds Berberis aq q 5drops bd locally topi Berberis

ok thnx sir

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Sulp 1M Kali brom 200

Tell us more symptoms. Exactly when she consulted ( or date of aggravation) Her menstrual pattern, early /late, scanty /profuse, short/ prolonged Desires / aversion Homeopathy can't rx for single symptom

Allergy Nix VOM 30 thrice daily 8-10 days no any external applecation

Sulphur 30 qid

On what basis ?!

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Kali Brom -6 four time a day. Calc pic-3x four time a day.

It is Allergic Rash. Pls. Give Nat.mur 6X TDS for 8days.

sepia 200 one dose

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