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World Vitiligo Day

Every year on June 25th, World Vitiligo Day celebrates the lives of those with vitiligo. Vitiligo awareness is important for many reasons. Many people do not understand the disease, fearing that it may be infectious or contagious, which results in staring or other odd and insensitive behaviors toward those who suffer from vitiligo. Vitiligo affects 70 million individuals worldwide. In India, an estimated 2-3 percent of the population suffers from this condition. The rate is higher in coastal areas like Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, and Kerala. How is vitiligo linked to various autoimmune diseases, most notably thyroid disease?



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Vitiligo - Autoimmune Disorders Autosomal Recessive Pattern No specific Rx Treat 100% Multiple Rx option available like Local steriod (0.1% Tacrolimus ) , PUVA , NBUVB , Grafting etc

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Vitiligo is not contagious. Support affected persons psychologicaly It's an autoimmune disease

WORLD VITILIGO DAY:- 25TH JUNE Several studies have observed that patients with vitiligo have an increased prevalence of autoimmune thyroid disease. In a study of 94 patients with vitiligo and 96 patients in the control, anti-thyroid peroxidase levels were measured. A significant difference was noted in anti-thyroid peroxidase levels between patients with vitiligo and patients in the control group; thyroid peroxidase was found in 18% of the patients who had vitiligo compared with 7% of the patients in the control group (P-value < 0.025). The researchers, based on this observation, suggested that there may be a correlation between vitiligo and thyroid disease

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