Spacing between central incisors. How to correct it?


Age of patient is 45 years

extraction kari bridge aapi do

Firm teeth che..!

bone loss? take iopa

one out of blue treatment whether it's agree by all or not... if the patient is really concern abt esthetics than make removable partial denture by addition of tooth in between 2 central incisors. it will not much expensive, not time consuming and most conservative approach

it's not most's most cost effective. .lol

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go for resin bonded fibre reinforced bridge. economical and can be done in one sitting.. Use Everstick C& B from GC.

fixed partial denture or implant...depending on patient's economy

Advised extraction and fixed tooth.

why add an extra tooth in the arch spacing is pathological not due to tooth loss

that's my first line out of blue, whether all agree or not. it's just practical not theoretically true

Take a impression and give RPD.

orthodontic treatment ideally for this diastema closure

spacing due to periodontitis, I dnt think Ortho treatment can b advice

u can easily close the space by orthodontic treatment n thn give a lingual permanent retainer from 32,32,41,42 which act as a splint for periodontally compromised teeth n help in preventing further mobility

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