red pustules filled watery liquid on back and scalp.... Wht is the treatment???


picture is not very clear!!!but as per site and morphology the diagnosis is Acne (truncal acne)

treat as Acne topical benzoyl peroxide and adpelene combination plus azithromycine 500 of for 3days

picture is not clear enough to make out the diagnosis. But it doesn't look like chicken pox to me



chicken pox


Treat wth Acyclovir 400mg tds

chicken pox or varicella zoster. .treatment is acyclovir 400mg tds,paracetamol two to three times a day and ice sponging. isolation is very important

chicken pox or varicella zoster.A

Aziclovir 800 mg 5 times daily for 1-2wks+aziclovir cream for local application+fruits+calamine lotion+plenty of oral fluids +isolation

Mupirocin along with antibiotics.

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