please diagnosis Complaints of chest pain with dyspnea.. age 20 years/F.



Bilateral ground glass infiltrates... Hypersensitive pneumonitis.. Interstitial pneumonia.pulmonary eosinophilia syndrome etc.

Sir, can we describe Ground Glass opacities in Chest x-ray?

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history and progress to note. likely pneumonia. treat w antibiotics.

CXR s/o Homogeneous Opacities in B/L Lower Zones... D/D 's : Eosinophilic Pneumonia PCP Is their any h/o fever, weight loss,dry cough Previous h/o Bronchial Asthma, H/o taking Steroids what is Ur examination findings?

Eosinophilic Counts

Lt lower lobe pneumonia

CBC . s.creatinine. ESR. are normal

no any history of previous illness

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