PICU 5 13062018 C/o tachypnea,dyspnea, SCR++ RR 62 bpm PR 162bpm Temp 103•f P/A hepatospleenomegalae Generalised oedema +nt DDX.bronchopneumonia with pneumopyothorax?? Kindly add ddx



I think it is not PNEUMOTHORAX it is lobar pneumonia

Eventration of diaphragm

Acute gastric dilatation Age of child ???? Rules out herniation diaphragm left by fluroscopy Cardiomegaly seems please do CT ratio Liver pushed down because of respiratory distress Oedema cause may be severe anaemia or do urine EXAMINATION complete

late onset sepsis

R/o Int. Obstruction

Intestinal obst

Consolidation lt mid zone with intestinal obstruction

Consolidation left mid zone. Evidence of intestinal obstruction.

Dd Diaphragmatic hernia, ccam

Dr. Ashok Pareek Dr. Sumit Patel Sir please comment

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