Patient came for medical checkup required for his new job. There is no chief complaint as such. What is the abnormality here and how to proceed?



Suspect tb

X ray shows minimal ryt pleural effusion Do CT chest to rule out further management

Thanks Dr sachin

Rt sided diaphragmic eventration seen. Could be normal or pathological. Needs evaluation like usg abdomen. ECG NSR S1 T3 Q3 sugg of Rt ventricular strain. Adv Echo CD to rule out RA RV dilatation. Further management accordingly.

Right side diphtagmatic eventration may be because of liver pathology abscess or hydatid cyst. Rule out it with CECT abdomen

Hiatus hernia No pleural effusion Normal repots

* Hitus herniation Except X-ray chest no other reports show any abnormalities detected. Pt is fit to resume his duties .

Thanks Dr Pushkar Bhomia

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Rt. Lower lower lobe collapse ,get ct thorax ys snd

Pleural effusion Need Taping & lab analysis

Xray chest shows straightening of rt dome with a bump in cardiophrenic angle which is more likely hitus herniation I don't see any effusion Rest of reports are normal In my opinion pt is fit for job

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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COPD Emphysema Rt base is collapsed PTB Sequel

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