Pain, itching, watery discharge with limphnode enlargement. Dx and Rx



seborrheic dermatitis

infected seborrheic dermatitis, advised Medical treatment by thorough cleaning with betadine lotion & apply ketoconazole/psoralen

it may be wet psoriasis

seborrheic dermatitis with secondary infection

sebhorrhoeic dermatitis give psorinum 1 m state dose

seborrhoeic dermatitis. psorinum is the drug of choice.

sulphur in low potency

tinea capitis + sec. infection Rx .keto shampoo alt day cotrimazol lotion. ..od daily. ..weak steroid lotion twice a week + orally antihistamines + tab. griseofulvin (125) 3----3 2 wks + cap. doxy (100) 1-----15days

Tinea capitis Rx candid b lotion cap doxy 100 tab ibujesic plus tab leocet 5 mg 5days

Sebhorrhoeic dermatitis with secondary infection leading to regional lymphnodeenlargement.

sebhorrhoeic dermatitis and old history then lupis

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