Middle aged male with H/O oral lesions for last five days..no relevant drug history..Diagnosis and treatment...???



oral candidiasis rx application of ctrimazole lotion. pl do mucosal scrap biopsy. .

Oral Candidial infection..See Immune status..Oral clotrimazole paint..syst. antifungal.. Lactobacillus with Bcomplex combination.. Wokadine gargling

it's oral candidiasis

oral candidiasis. tab flucanazole 100 mg for 14 days

Multiple Oral lesions, few lesions are ulcerated, circular with central clearing. Needs Biopsy, Culture for Fungal filamenrs. 1st Dx : OPC. D/D : 1. HIV Infection. 2. Immune deficiency states 3. Zinc deficiency. R/O. Ca Tongue. Rx : Accordingly.

Herpes (HSV ) .Go for culture . you may Rx Acyclovir .

Ad biopsy

H/O 5 days only . Multiple lesions start simultaneously so it don't indicate malignancy. regards

oral candiasis IV forcan multivitamin like candid mouth paint do HIV first.

multivitamin like zinc

rule out HIV do biopsy... candid mouth paint as local tab Itaconazole..

local n systemic antifungal is needed.

Advised biopsy.

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