Management of contact dermatitis by homeopathic medicines

Dr. Chief Complaints Exfoliation of skin Location - palms of both hands Agg - wet, surf, soap Amel - by scratching History Exfoliation of skin since 8-9 months Vitals B.P. - 120/80 mmHg Pulse - 80/ min R.R. - 20/ min Physical Examination Pallor - present There was lipoma on left side of leg. Investigations CBC ESR Diagnosis Contact dermatitis Management Sepia officinalis 200/2 doses Phytum 30/ tds for 15 days

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Constitution remedy follow by psorinum 200. It may be pt syco syphilitic miasm.

There were no constitution of psorinum in this patient because patient is hot and psorinum is for chilly thermal

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