Male/17 years complained of eruption in eye since 4 days pain- stinging aggravated- moving eyes better by cold air and water Suggest treatment and diagnosis Probable diagnosis- Stye given belladonna and staph with no relief




Hep sulph Apis helpful

Chalazion Pulstila Belladonna

Sty ( anjanhari ) Antibiotics like Cefpodoxim 200mg bd Pain killer like Flexon 1 tds Anti Allergic like levocetrazine 5mg of PPI 1 BBF Eye cleane by BoricAcid

Puls is helpful medicine

Too much heat in the body.....leave seeing mobile or electronic devices,eyewash, cucumber slices on eyes closed, fruits organic muskmelon, walnuts ,detox kidney with coriander juice, flaxseed, sprouts kalijeeri sunshine,calm brain, prayers, white cotton head coverage constantly, nosugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms turmeric powder A tinge be applied

साधारण गुहेरी है यह अपने आप ठीक हो जाते हैं

Cap Triphala guggul 2-0-2. Dashang lep for local application.

Stye Triphala; Hingustak; Arogyavardhini; Boladi vati; Mahamanjisthady KS & Neem guard;  Castor oil & Neem Oil local application

Chalazion Right Eye

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Eye Stye Lt Side Eye. Spot Picture Since Lid Pus. Rx Puls 3X Xbd 7day is Best.

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