M22.c/o Cough and left chest pain Loss of appetite. h/o Traumatic pyothorax left with haemorrhagic pleural effusion.



Consolidation left lower lobe.Treat with suitable antibiotics

Pleural effusion on left side Get CT thorax done

Loss of lung volume lt side with obliteration of lt costophrenic angle h/o traumatic pyothorax suggestive of empyema

Thanx dr Manohar Devasi

If it’s a hemothorax so ICD is needed.

get ct thorax ; see for pleural thickening and pus ; if can be drained by ictd or need surgical intervention like decortication

Pleural effusion Lt.

Rx Inj Cefotaxim 1 Gm IV Slowly bd for 7 days Tab Ibugesic plus 1 TDS for 7days & Syp Cough Expectorant 2tsf TDS for 7days

Obliteration of angle of left costophrenic Angle s/o of pleural effusion.

Left basal consolidation with pleural effusion.

Pleural effusion left sde with Trachea shifted t tight side.

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