Giant sialolith...... removed from duct of submandibular salivary gland..... according to literature only few cases are reported with this size . Huge sialolith of submandibular duct calculi....



gd case , publish this

Huge one! Congratulations Dr. George. That's worth going for publishing doctor. Your cases are amazing!

Quiet a big one Well Done Worth documenting Thanks Dr George

it was increased alkaline phosphatase to find out in these patients with vit d deficiency similarly..... has more propensity for stone formation in salivary, gall bladder, and in kidneys too



yes sir ! Do document this :) worth

can some one tell me which view of x ray is for salivary gland stone detection

mandibular 90 degree occlusal....can decrease exposure time bcus sometimes the calcification is not complete.....USG....n sialography

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Never seen such a big calculus in sub mandibular gland.

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