Female age 32 with history of cough since 35 days, Her WBC 12400 and ESR 60 and please find attached X-ray . Kindly provide your opinion on the case.


Pulmonary eosinophilia should be ruled out in this case

agree c dr.Poddar. however what is COOP & NSIP ?

left basal pneumonitis


Vague haziness Lt lower zone ?consolidation. Treat on line of Community acquired Pneumonia with Augmentin and Clarithromycin. Repeat CXR after 5-7 days and then decide.

or second pulm tb

there is some artefact on the Rt side as well. a longitudinal opacity. can't comment on that

Bilateral haziness in both the lower chest.. Left more than right. If without fever suggests (1)Cough variant asthma (2)hypersensitive pneumonitis (3)COOP (4) NSIP Suggested spirometry pre & post medication HRCT THORAX for initial evaluation

need to go into detail history has this been started with some viral like illness.. any associated fever wt loss, any history of allergic symptoms cough may persist for longer time in some viral illnesses xray shows doubtful haziness on left lower zone repete xray after a week of antibiotics and anti allergic will be a better option

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