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F32. Restricted movement and pain neck 1month.

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Looks like a block vertebra C5-C6. It can be congenital or complications of any septic conditions. History of TB to be asked. Whole spine xrays to be done to rule out the same pathology in other areas.

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@congenital fused c6 c7 vertebrae

Fused C 56, congenital

Block vertebrae C5-6. Cervical spondylosis

Klippel feil anomaly c5 -6

Space between C5 and C6 body is seen but hazy. ? Congenital ? Post inflammatory

C5/6 block vertebra Posterior elements are free ?cause Congenital Post TB Post sceptic

Fused vertebrae C5-6

Cervocal dystonia Physiotherapy No bony abnormality detected

Cervical stiffness no bony abnormality is seen

Space reduced b/w C5 C6, Physiotherapy Muscle relaxant Painkiller

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