Extra dryness of Skin

25yrs old Female patient. From the last 3 years she is suffering from this extra dryness of skin problem. At the starting of winter ie in the month of November December.. She faces dryness of her skin.. Further.. in the month of January & february that problems become quit serious. And it gets transformed into skin diseases. The patients had complaints of urticaria from the last 2 years ( during the month of April & May) Management I just want to know how to cure this by following Ayurvedic medicines..Ahar vihar & proper dincharya



Fruits and water intake can help

रोगी को गाय के घी से स्नेहन कराने से लाभ होगा।

In our Homoeopathy we can suggest for petroleum 200 one or two doses.

Ars alb


Arsenic Album 200 ch apismel 30 ch Both day Graphities ointment external applying coconut oil apply

Aconite nap.,Ars.alb.

Excellent treatment Doctor thank you


Graphites 30 Apis mel 30 Scaboil ext apply Bc no 20 tab Dermex soap Echi Q

Sukumaram kashayam 15ml with chandraprabhavati 1 tablet twice a day on empty stomach Maha manjishtadi khada 30ml with Gandhaka Rasayanam 1 tablet twice a day after ideal diet Rasamanikyam 1 capsule at bedtime. Applying coconut oil recurrently to skin. At bedtime apply Jatyadilepam on skin. Instead of soap use usheera+nimba+jatamamsi churnam for bath. Diet: Avoid curd, Dairy products if have allergies, ladiesfinger, salty&spicy foods, pickles, junk foods. Intake more takram Eat water based vegetables and fibre rich food. Fruits salad with a pinch of black salt in the evening.

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