Dear Drs... This is a 40yrs female case of diabetic foot ulcer. diabetic since 5 yrs.blood sugar levels are 130fasting and pp 180. obesity nature. house wife. having two kids with normal delivery. hypertension observed as 140/100 using Aten 50 mg . Thyroid also present and using eltroxin 50mg 1 tab per day. heriditary thyroid problem observed. since 1month her little finger had ulcer and didn't heal. she craves sweets and curd.sleep for 6to7 hrs . slightly disturb sleep. night time two times urination. appitite low. please suggest the way of treatment. Thank you Drs.



First control diabetes then mox clav tab ised & dressing daily

@A.K.Srivastava. Thyriod. is not hereditary. The patient should be taken Medicine for diabetes and for foot ulcer he is advised Silicea 6 thrice daily.

And in our homoeopathy hepar sulph -200 used & conyrol diabetes level with syzeum jabolinum mother tinc..

@A.K.Srivastava. Thanks to Dr.Rajesh Gopal ji.

Sir it is diabatic foot, monitoring anyhaw Diabetes to help heeling Silicea, Gunpowder,is helpful

Although diabetes is of not high level but it must be at normal level .Sygizyum jamboliumQ 10 drops thrice daily & SILICEA 30 thrice daily.. may be given .Externally calendula Q to be applied

It's Diabetes foot Ulcer. Marc Sol-200, Syzygium jam Q Twenty drops thrice a day before meal Calandulla ointment extrenal use. Helpful.

silicea 6x tds may help

Give Kaisorguglu2tab+1tab Tds With

Dr.Alpati vijay kumar ji if we considered it Diabetic foot ulcer ,which it is ,then we will be unable to collect the history of the case in totality and will be unable to prescribe the homoeopathic medicine . Because once we considered pathology then we are prejudiced which is against our Organon of homoeopathic medicine . Try to collect some interesting general symptoms of the case . Some homeopath will tell you to use mother tincture Like Syzigium in 20 drops thrice a day and they will tell you to apply Calendula or Arnica .Q externally on the wound . But this is not homoeopathic prescription. Try to get some strange symptoms and typical symptoms and prescribe a potentised medicine for that . Don't go for the general symptoms of the disease as polydipsia Polyuria ,Hyperglycaemia ,nocturnal etc these are all symptoms of the disease that are common but homoeopathic needs some thing peculiar and atypical to prescribe upon and you are better to do that . Dr.RajeshGopal . Ludhiana .

Very good Opinion Sir

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