A Femel patient age-50 years.this duration 5 years, it's strong hard no pain, no injured ,anemia, weakness, Constipation, chill patient, no diabetic, thirst normal, nervous mind, caraving cold foods, no any other history. Please doctor help diagnosis and treatment.



EPIDERMOID CYST:---- ***************** Epidermoid cysts can be made up of a protein called keratin and fat. They usually appear on the face, neck, or upper body, especially the chest and shoulders. They erupt for many reasons, most often because of acne or mild skin injuries. (When they are formed because of swelling around hair follicles, they are called pilar cysts.) Epidermoid cysts are usually small, from a few millimeters to about 5 centimeters across, and they grow slowly. They are more common in men than in women. Epidermoid cysts are due to proliferation of epidermal cells within dermis.The origin of an epidermal cyst is follicular infundibulum. If cyst contain any puncta then betterly termed as Sebaceous cyst. Firstly you should advise to the patient for hot compress. Due to it's hardness in nature I prescribe CALC. FLUOR 12x, then 1m/2doses. CONIUM MAC. 1m/2doses. And think about CALC.CARB.

Agree almost with diagnosis Kanchnar Guggul 3tab twice for a month if no reaction go for surgery

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Cyst, Kanchnar guggal, virdivadica vati, punarnavadi mandur, dasmool kwath, sarvkalp kwath

Sir u may add 4blud syrup to improve anemia and arogyavardhini vati.even if the cyst not get reduced by the above said medicine then it should be removed by surgery.

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Sir calc fiour 10m single doze next day calc flour 6x BD With hot water

Epidermoid cyst

Kanchanar guggul , vriddhavadika vati , arogyavardhini vati 2 bd after meal with warm water . Aloevera juice with godhan arka 4 tsp each morning and evening with 1/2 cup warm water empty stomach

calc flour 200x bd , hecla lava 6x tds helpful

@Its the type of cyst. You can select the remedy by mental symtums; pt. Entroverted/ extroverted.2 any supresed emotion/anger.3 pt.restles; depretion(u can obesrved) persostent thought;fear;hypocndrical etc.u can ask ifany qweries☺

Is it movable, hard?

Just bone.

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If movable ---conium Mac 200 alternate day . If not ----Kali -Iod 200 alternate day .

Sebaceous cyst

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