A close relative (53yrs, female, hypertensive, no history of diabetes and tobacco) was admitted in ICU for 15 days due to severe viral pneumonia/ARDS. The pneumonia is now almost cured, but the patient has developed these gangrene like dead cells on her fingers. Most likely cause is a thrombus developed in wrist due to pic line used during pneumonia treatment. The vascular surgeons took a call to not take surgical intervention at that time due to severity of lung damage and started heparin. She is out of ICU for last 1 week, but still getting fever multiple times everyday. All the blood tests for bacterial infections are coming negative. The doctors at the hospital are saying that they will wait for sometime and then probably amputate the affected area. Is there any way to heal this without surgery? Also, could gangrene be cause of fever? Edit: I have attached the image of Doppler report. Also heparin is going on for last 20 days.




Sir, kindly go for LEECH THERAPY. Effective results seen in diabetic foot

Leech therapy??

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Sympotems are not so good. Seems a rare mistake during tmt Any one blieve or not.Now Ayd. Can save the fingers. I agree with Dr.Nitin Manera ji's Arrangement.Mahaluxmivilas ras or Swaran Basant Malti ras can add with combination fr quick relief. Dr.Manish Malhotra ji req.to use Ayd.in this case.@ @Vijay Attri ji.

Thnks a lot sir g

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We can try with carbo veg in low potency

Amputation may not be required. Autoimmune disease cryoglobulinemic vasculopathy, IVIG, heparin,

It is better to surrender to the best vascular surgeon .

Give dose of nux vomica 1m at bedtime. After that lachesis 30 TDS.

@Dr. Yash Thakar What's your opinion??

triphala avoid gangrene, internal and external use . haldi can help

When we apply oil along with massage about 20 min over this site,,it will smooth the affected site..n hardening will be resolved after that f/b hot fomentation with dashmool kwath will temporary dialate the locally supplied blood vessels n will improve the circulation of affected area.. F/b the use of silajeet gold will improve the balanced circulation...n improve the peripheral circulation of affected part too..

With jalaukavacharan

This is dry ischemic gangrene...you can try snehan n swedan at this perticular site with dashmoola kwath...Nd. F/b silajeet gold 1 cap. BD with haridra sidh milk.. I Hv seen result in peripheral neuropathy n starting stage of this type of gangrene limited to nails n base of nails..in total 5 patient.. U can try it n result start to cm within a week. Becoz Shilajeet is very known drug which improves blood supply to the organs..

Prefer the Shilajeet gold of DABAR company

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