A 62 y/o/m came with a c/o pain in the right knee

Chief complaint- A 62 y/o/m came with a c/o pain in the right knee after a car accident yesterday history- diabetes and Htn (on regular medication) Vitals- all normal Examination- Swelling in the distal aspect of the femur and knee. Tenderness on palpation around the distal femur. Investigation- Knee X-ray done Diagnosis??



Symphytoum Q Alongwith high potency (10 m in a fortnight) can do good , For pain you can select "Arnica or Hypericum"

PosterioLateral Lower Femur #? Rx Plating Symptomatic Management

Distal femur fracture Possibly intraarticular OA knee Distal femur plate CT evaluation and proceed

Fracture is seen in x-ray

Spiral fracture of distal femur along with a pre-existing tricompartmental Osteoarthritis

Fracture # in lower femur.. Need orthopedic opinion..

Spiral # at distal part of shaft of left femur.


pathological #lower femur

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