A 47 year old male presented with ulcer over the Foot. the dark color present is due to bleeding into the area of pressure and callus. Patient is diabetic and under control with medication. this lesion is not healing. What can we prescribe to this patient.




Daily dressing with aseptically precautions , EUSOL Solution , apply firstly before dressing , In diabetes nonhealing ulcer very good results , Friends my personally experience , injection insulin infiltrate to superficial in ulcer , very fantastic results ,I had treat Gangrenous pt,

Dr salim can u elaborate the procedure

Diabetic ulcers Use this medicine 1 tab gandhak rasayan vati two bd 2 tab arogay verdhni vati two bd 3 tab kenakorte one bd 4 sahar daiba coure powder one tea spon two time daily 5 aap Olive oil 20 gm m 10 gm kalonji oil 5 gm mahdi or 5 gm haldi ko milakar Jakham par lagao Chand dino m Aram hoga

First control diabetes Marham e gulabi apply locally tid or qid Itrifal e shahitra 5gm bd

Neuropathic diabetic ulcer Graphites 200 TDs can be thought of But Constitutional Medicine based on totality of symptoms is most appropriate

Adv colour Doppler to get vascular pathology

Diabetic foot ulcer. constitutional homoeopathic treatment may helpful

Diabetic ulcer. First control diabetes Dressing with jatyadi tail. As yesterday discussed. Katak khadiradi kashaya Madhumeh kusumakar Ras. Nisha kantakari kasyam These med will help a lot. Also keep avoiding pressure on toe. Till complete healing

Diabetic foot with non healing ulcer Control sugars Improve the peripheral blood circulation Regular dressing If necessary, debridement & SSG Supportive treatment

It's Diabetes foot ulcer. Syzigim Jam Q twenty drops thrice a Marc Sol-200, helpful medicine

Hallo Dr. Nabeel khaleed, I will strongly suggest you to do this - Do wash the wound with pancha valkal freshly prepared quath every day and pour dhara of that quath on wound for 10 - 15mins. Apply panchavalkal powder on wound and do dressing, do not use any other antiseptic applications. At night or whenever in rest and there won't be exposure to dust ask patient to keep the wound open. Apart from that, continue internal medicines treating pittaj prameha and dushta vrana especially focussing mans and medovaha srotas. I can tell u that wound will markedly heal within 1 month.

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