A 40-year-old male presented with this oral mucosal lesion for past 7 days. Mild pain present. Not a smoker or tobacco chewer. Please discuss management. Thank you all.

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first try antibiotics analgesic betadine girgle if not healed then do biopsy

He was given Amoxcillin + Clavulanic acid 625 mg bid for 5 days. His pain got aggravated.

this could be oral thrush..rule out diabetes and hiv...try topical antifungal agents and antibiotic mouthwash...u can also take scrapings from lesion and send to lab to confirm fungal infection...even if it persists then take biospy

He is not a case of T2DM

It is oral candidiasis. Apply oral clotrimazole paint. Tab flucanozole 150mg Stat and repeat after 7days.

Infection of palate, advised antibiotics & analgesics.

frequent gargles tab. rebangen twice aday tab. Fhb 12 twice aday mechanic gel locally

Thank you sir.

Lexanox gel locally

mucosa for scrapping for fugal elements and incision biopsy for the pathology

Duration is only 7 days. Should we be so invasive? or can we wait for few more weeks conservatively? which one is wise?

first do hiv test... then after other supporting rx given

He his hiv negative sir.

Looks like a burned palate due to some hot meal.. A burned palate usually heals by itself within seven days. But one must stick to soft foods and cool drinks.. May apply lexanox plus gel three times daily I

Thank you sir. He gives no history s/o burnt palate

oral candidiasis.antifungal mouth paint.keep oral heigiene.

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