A 30-year-old woman with normal sexual life was infertile for 9 years after induction of labor in her 15th week of pregnancy. The abortion procedure was unclear, but the patient felt no unusual discomfort at that time. The routine B-ultrasound diagnosed intrauterine foreign bodies. What can be the possible cause?



I didn't understand the history. Was she infertile for 9 yrs and then had the abortion or she had the abortion then developed infertility? Anyways, do all baseline investigations and rule out signs of sepsis. Take an USG pelvis also and look for FB and EM thickness. Under antibiotic coverage remove the foreign bodies.

Incomplete abortion retained product

Its very ridiculus. When there were abortions means she had conceptions also.!? Problem may be repetative missed.. Pl.go for..TORCH / Of bothe the partners and VDRL/ Thyroid profile .. Spongy Foreign body like cotton seems to be in uterine cavity

Agree with@Dr. Shivraj Agarwal

Thanx dr

Leena Das, 30 year old / ML 9 years / Previous Induction of labor at 15 weeks / Hysteroscopy foreign bodies seen. I feel that she had pre marital abortion . They try to get rid of pregnancy from small doctors / RMP doctors. You should never attempt piece meal removal of fetus. Some bony fragments may be left behind. They act as foreign body and prevent conception. Try to remove those bits. Do gentle curettage and send them for HPE. Give good antibiotics. We had similar case. We removed all those bony particles and curettage. .

F B seems like harbal product may be inserted for abortion purpose. Statement made by lady misleading and incorrect.

Thanks Dr Pushkar Bhomia

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Gauz pads

Dear dr Leena Das Statement gives suspicions Lady was normal and actively indulged in sex was infertile for 9 yrs had abortion for no complications is unbelievable either the conception was illegal or facts are not disclosed F b seen in uterine cavity seems to be some herbals inserted and left probably by some quack

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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