A 28-year old primigravida presented to the OPD with pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) at 32 weeks of gestation. She had no other complications. On examination she had a blood pressure of 156/102 mm of Hg. Her blood pressure was later controlled with treatment. lf there are no complications, the pregnancy should be terminated at? A. 34 completed weeks. B. 36 completed weeks. C. 37 completed weeks. D. 40 completed weeks.



If bp is well control then can be taken upto 37 wks then terminate at 37 wks

My pediatric view ,u can deliver baby any time as pregnancy already crossed 32 weeks Easily manageable in NICU. Ideally 35 weeks maturity is required to avoid NICU admission

D if no rise in Bp & albumin she can be reach to full term.

Keep monitoring BP.. BSL... Urine Alb & Sugar... If all under control Shud b continued to full term.. If Complications develop shud b terminated at 37weeks

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