A 27 yrs married man came on 1st nov.2016 with c/o fever, bodyache since2days. O/E: fever= 102.3°F Pulse= 116/min, Bp= 110/80, R/S= clear, P/A= soft, B/B= regular, Treatment given: Tab lumart80 1bd, Tab macpod200 1bd, tab febrex500 sos, Tab ranidom o 1bd, Next day pt came with no releif. So investigayions done: hb= 11.5gm%, wbc= 6800, Plt= 1.5 lak, Widal= negative, Dengue= non reactive malaria= negative, than i started iv xone1gm bd, Iv fluids. on 3rd nov2016, still fever is continuous, Plt= 1.31 lak, What can i do for further management??, Which fever is this?? Plz help resp doctors.....



Looking like viral fever plenty of oral fluids give only pcm check mp pcv plt 4 th day of fever

Only viral fever give fluid don't give hayer antibiotic give peracitamol electronics only

Looks like Viral fever . Look for pus cells in Urine.

No uti sir

Sir give anti maleria inj falcigo and add tab doxy this pyrexia of unknown origin but still we have to give anti maleria

This is viral fever contineu Tab cefixime Tab ibugesic plus B complex 7days

It's Viral fever.Cont. ur line of trtmnt.Only to increase dose of IV antibiotics.

It's Viral fever.Cont. ur line of trtmnt.Only to increase dose of IV antibiotics.

Viral fever give peracitamol 650bd

Looks like a viral fever low wbc and myalgia points to this. Look for rashes and its distribution..Symptomatic t/t and management. Like nsaids ...preventive antibiotics.. good hydration...some mutiviamins and close observation. Also see contact history and prevelance nearby

Plz wait for few days with continuation of medicines. Kindly check for lymph nodes, enquire about the pattern of fever, night sweats, cough, weight loss. If anything comes positive get a TB gold test done.

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