A 27 years man suffering with itching eruptions over chest for 3 months. < sweat appetite-good craving-nonveg thirst-moderate perspiration-profuse, offensive stool-3 to 4 times, unsatisfied urine-offensive mind-Irritable angry easily sentimental please respected doctors share your views on this case



Rx 1. Gandhak Malahar for application.

Only Ayurveda Medicine is beet result. Maharasnadi quath,Tavak ahuddhi vati,Liver tonic and local ointment...

Dashmool Arogyav Manjishtha/sariva

Add local application of Cutis Ointment along with your homeopathic management @Debasish Sasmal sir

Sepia 200

Dx ACD ? Rx Sulphur.

Tinea corporis

Dx Tinea Versicolor, small pustules also seen. Apart from homoeopathic treatment, advise maintain hygiene, drink sufficient water, eating fibrous foods for healthy bowel movements.

Tinea Sepia30/tds

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