A 24 yrs male pt came with c/o rashes on thighs n genitals since 3 to 6 months . no h/o fever , itching or burning sensation or other things . no h/o past long medical sickness.. Pt came treatment as rashes are gradually increasing otherwise no other such complaints. Kindly give diagnosis n treatment





Allergic dermatitis

Striae.. Maybe due to recent onset weight gain,cushing's syndrome,physiological or long term steroid treatment.. Measure Serum cortisol,fbs/ppbs...scarend gel for l/a...reassurance

No h/o weight loss .. These extend to genitals also

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Allergic dermatitis

Might be psoriasis, ask the patient about the duration of rashes may be due to stress

Allergic dermatitis

Striae. could be due to wt gain. Find the cause.

Striae distensae

'Linear striae' may be due to excessive weight gain in the recent past.

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