A 2 year child presented with this type of lesion since last night child is able to.pass urine last night also there is a one attack.of urticaria occur which is subsided by its own plz give dx and give managment



insect bite . cetrine , calamine lotion

it occure suddenly then its not phymosis...insect bite is possible so i agree withdr.ved prakash sir


insect bite

its insect bite, treat with cetrizine calamine application para

insect bite urticatia

if there is high fever such rashes can come. nothing to worry or even treat.

if there is ballooning of skin not lesion then its phimosis require circumcision..

Insects bite with urticaria Pheniramine maleate cetrizine calamine application Syrp IBU para ice sponging subside with time no need of circumcisions . wait for 24 hours only . there is any emergency at all.

No emergency

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agree v Dr kamini

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