A 18year old girl with complaints of itching and irritation for past 20 days. Similar complaints one month back for which she was prescribed gatifloxacin eye drops for one week but symptoms recurred after temporary relief for 10 days. Identify the lesion.



Not a very clear picture but it looks like allergic conjunctivitis when correlating with the symptoms . I'm assuming the symptoms were bilateral. 1)Simple tip to rule out internal hordeolum: In addition to the swelling on the lid, on examination of the lid margin, the opening of the affected meibomian gland will be inflamed and projecting out. 2) Meibomitis has many presentations. Most commonly, a frothy discharge over lid margin. Another is a toothpaste like secretion on pressure over the meibomian glands. Yet another is an oil droplet like discharge on pressure over the glands

Allergy Certzine once daily

Gate will work only for bacterial inf. Here u hav to DD.....Allergy dry eye. refractive error......systemic cause pls rule out all this n proper history...n imp...is vision

Laveta-M once daily is also helpful. But not both tabs

There is scarring and a nodule in right eye dr.

DD Hordeolum internum?

how is it hordeolum internum?

It could be Trachoma becoz of the scarring. Tx earlier was with Sufacetamide 20% eye drops and Sulfa e.g. Septran DS for 3 weeks.

i didnt see the pics

its hordeolum int.u can change antibiotic....

why is it hordeolum internum? There doesn't seem to be any swelling over the tarsal conjunctiva.

Hordeolum or meibomitis r/ o allergy & refractive error. accordingly treat the cause.

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