84 yr male severe sensory Motor neropathy of LL 1)came with complain of right foot drop and imbalance while walking since 3 yr 2)swelling and pain of both leg



Aswagandha churn ...

Can be effectively managed with Ksheer Basti... Shatavari or Mashbaladi Ksheer Basti!

better to advice for MRI Brain.... please share the detailed history.....

Advised for MRI brain. Please give details history and find cause , whether pt is diabetic or not, please share.

sunthi curun. haldi. suranjan meetha. muktapisti. sawen makshit bhasma is also. usful. as A analgsic medicines

In this disease Ayurvedic treatment is very helpful. managment = 1. kumarkalyanras 125 mg 2. Vrahatvat chintamani ras 125 mg 3. asvhagandha churn 500 mg 4. mrigshring bhasma 250 mg all with 10 ml honey BID. 2. Mharasnadi kvath 20 ml BID 3. parsarni tail (Local application) 4.Avoid cold and sour dite,AC, and unwanted journey. This statement continued for 45 days

mri brain advice

it is a case of medicine nt for surgery so plz advice any panchakarma specialist..

Advised MRI brain.

which medicine and panchkarma should advice?

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no other major medical or surgical history.he came with this complain and reports.

adv MRI lumber spine also do venous doppler. rule out edema of cardiac liver renal hypoproteinemia

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