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75 years male itching and swelling of both legs since 1 month....severe burning and pain scaly lesions how to manage this case? diagnosis?


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It's SUB ACUTE ECZEMATOUS DERMATITIS... Here visual shows linear ulcerated lesions with crusts and oedema of feet. Lichenification is very less here means could be subacute stage. More lichenification indicates CHRONIC stage. It is classical picture of ATOPIC DERMATITIS. An effective skincare by formulated good moisturizers and cleansers to optimize epidermal barrier repair. Using moisturizers that contain occlusive and humectant components and an appropriate combination of lipids like shea butter and aloe vera and sustained barrier repair with proper measures with experienced specialist hand will give drastic results.

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Eczematous dermatitis with sec.infection

Agree with Dr vuvuluru Sudhakarbabu.

Eczematus Dermatitis / Atopic Dermatitis? ?

I think it's Capillarits Mid potency topical steroids Oral therapy with bioflavonoids and ascorbic acid

Foot end of the bed to rised by 6 ".

Steroids orally, topically, antihistomonics antoxidants

Bilateral eczema with secondary infection

Chronic eczema with secondary infection, tab Cefpodoxim plus clavulanic acid BD for 10 days Cortecosteroids plus antibiotics cream locally Levocetirizine 5mg od daily.


@Dr. P.kishore Kumar -chr eczema with cellulitis

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