70 years old non diabetic male presented with lesions as shown in images with itching, since 6 months.Your diagnosis and management please. I think it is Chronic Idiopathic Urtcaria



@ urticaria

Erythematous raised eruptions seen are of chr urticaria Rx tab Levocetrizine montelukast10mg1od Tab betnesol tds in tappering doses Locally atarax lotion twice daily Calosoft AF lotion twice daily or moisturisers frequently Deworm the pt Sos consider inj histaglobe one vial s c weekly followed by fortnightly and monthly interval than to tapper three monthly till pt well stabilise

Thanx dr Kute Ankush

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Allergic urticaria

Chronic urticaria. Cause -, most probably food allergy . Unless the foods to which he is allergic are eliminated from his diet, the problem will not be solved completely . Run down the list of foods that are implicated in allergy. Question him about which item or items in his view could be responsible. You can order for allergy testing which include a panel of veg and non vet food items. You can ask him to main tain food dairy. Use elimination diet to find the offending food .

Chronic Urticaria. Fexova M 120 mg 1 tab OD.x 1 month. Ivermectin 12 mg 1 tab once . Repeat same dose after a week.


Dear Dr. Mayank Gupta Sir, Advice for the case by Ayurveda. It's a case of Shitpitta. Tab. Alleczy 2 BD Haridrakhand 1/2 tsp tid with milk. Avoid citrus, salty and fermented food.

Looks like Urticaria


Thank you doctor

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Agree with chronic idiopathic urticaria. That Bilastine 20 mg 1 at bedtime 1hr before food is good as long term treatment.

Thank you Sir

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