7 year male child came with c/o itching with lesion all over body,after scratching by kid its having pustules,this started since age of 3 year, initially started over legs,was given steroids (oral and local both) mother is asthmatic,father has no issues..till now investigations CBC Hb 12 Plt 4.94lac Pbf details normal IgE 1794 IGG 2561 IgM 151 IgA 335 Diagnosis?? Treated accordingly atopic dermatitis



Dr. Meenakshi IgE is a marker for allergy diseases. Here Ig E 1794...normal is upto 100...People who have elevated IgE levels can have environmental or food allergies treated allergic patient.. High levels of IgG, here 2561...( normal is  upto 300) have an infection or an inflammatory or autoimmune disease that involves central nervous system. An autoimmune disorder causes immune system to attack your own healthy cells by mistake, which can lead to serious health problems So evaluate the case

Thank you doctor

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