7. A 22-year-old female patient presents with 3 months of amenorrhea and some gastrointestinal complaints. On examination, she is bloated with a masses appreciated in the lower pelvis approximately 12 cm in diameter and cystic feeling. Which is the most probable diagnosis? (A) follicular cyst (B) corpus luteum cyst (C) benign cystic teratoma (D) leiomyoma (E) pregnancy

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Pregnancy E

It is E only.any female from menarche to menopause,whether married or not,if she presents with amenorrhea think of PREGNANCY

C and E

D+E or C.What is upt?12 cm.follicular cyst or corpus luteum cyst not palateble.

She meant Urine pregnancy test

E-Amenorrhea in reproductive age, if UPT is positve the most probable diagnosis is pregnancy.

Corpus luteum cyst

except pregnancy none of the above causes amenorrhoea. So if pregnancy is excluded 2nd thought may be benign cystic teratoma as described.

If upt +ve then E..

Most probably preg. As amenorrhea in other conditions are rare i think..

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Benign cystic Teratoma

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