62 year female presented with slurring of speech with drowsiness since morning. She is hypertensive and on regular treatment. Blood pressure 200/110 on admission. MRI brain with angio as belows. what is the likely diagnosis and further management?



Cardioembolic stroke...

Cerebrovascular accident


Cardioembolic stroke... will require suboccipital craniotomy...and lifelong anticoagulation later on.

Imaging is very clear spot bleeders angio looks clear let me know prognosis ofpt

There is spert in lt frontal lobe and petechial hemorrhagic spots elsewhere Possibly acute shootup in bp Since she is a pt of htn and on rx hence control the present bp gradually Inj manitol 20% inj dexamethasone 8hrly Inj nootropil or citaplin Diuretics Keep nasal ventilation Monitoring vitals

Thanx dr Azhar Rao

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Agee with Dr kulkarni

Multiple watershed territory infarction looks like embolic in nature .Start dual anti platelets (I will avoid lmwh chances of bleed ),pt will worsen later on due to edema ,what is ECG n echo send homosystine

Watershed infarcts Vasculitis??

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