51 yr k/c/o bronchial asthma fever for 7 days hemoptysis 1 episode tlc 12000 E 7% xray and CT attached



iif the case is asked by someone in need then the experts should answer. but if the case is posted by some expert then the expert should provide the answer below it or provide the answer by some link Dr R K Sharma why don't you give your opinion

your point is wel taken Dr Bhabani. I always try to do that if I find answer is grossly inadequate.

ootherwise I am not seeing very good answers to most of the questions

This patient is having infiltrate in the right lower lobe with area of bronchiectasis.. With an association of eosinophilia and asthma.. Leads to a strong possibility of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis.. Need serological test of specific ige against aspergillus antigen to confirm.. Treatment is by antibiotics with a course of oral steroids.. The dose of oral steroids to be tapered slowly.. Haemoptysis to be treated conservatively... Bronchial artery embolization may be considered if conservative treatment fails...

LRTI pneumonia. treat with antibiotics anti inflammatory analgesics bronchodilators steroids and mucolytics

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bilateral infiltration & haziness in lung with opacity calcification suspected case P Koch's sputum test for AFB mantoux test PFT ATT as per RNTCP guide lines Ethamsyl TID Tab Vitamins K OD Tab Montelakast OD Tab Doxophylline BD Syrp Cadiphyllate 2 tsf TID complete bed rest Nutritious food & Deit supplementation.

d/d eosinophilic pneumonia due to E7%

abpa ?

tree in bud appearence and central bronchiectasis. any other investigations done?

finger in glove appearence

acute eosinophilic pneumonia

allergic bronchopulmonary ABPA

?cystic fibrosis

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