51/Male with history of cough / dyspnoea/ Giddiness and chest discomfort since 1 week Known HTN BP 150/90 Spo2 : 98% attached ECG AND XRAY


High Voltage ECG - LVH

V3-6 t wave inversion Anterior wall Infarction, lead 2 t wave either flat or inverted, lead 3 lbbb, avf st depression suggests ischemia . X-RAY lvh or htn.

Anterior wall ischemia, LVH with congestive heart failure with right upper zone opacity possibly due to pneumonia. Needs IV antibiotic, IV diuretic, SpO2 monitoring and supportive measures.

X-RAY Pneumonitis Ecg WELLEN'S type 1 syndrome

sinus rhythm, regular, 96 bpm, LAD, LAFB, LVH with strain pattern. X-Ray cardiomegaly, pulmonary congestion, pneumonitis LLL. Tests- CBC, BS, Lipid profile, Kidney profile, S. electrolytes, TFT, NT-Pro BNP, 2D- ECHO. Manage as HF Loop diuretic + ACEI+ NTG + Metoprolol/ Carvidilol + Statins +M O2 + Sedative + salt & fluid restrictions+ antibiotics + nebulise with Budicort + Duolin etc

Thank you so much doctor

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I agree with Dr D Dhoraliya

Thanks friends

ECG. Sinus Mechanism. QRS Axis is on -30degree. T INVERSTION IN V3 - V6. Lower part of Latral wall ischemia.. D0 2D.Echo. CXR. Dileted cardiomegaly. Lung field are normal.

Thanjs doctor

Pneumonitis left lower lung. Cardiomegaly .

Myocardial ischemia

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