50year old Male,known case of diabetes on irregular treatment presented with pain,swelling,ulcer with discharge and discolouration of Left big toe since 2weeks... Diagnosis and management?



Diabetic foot

Gangreen foot

Diabetic foot

Glycaemic control by Insulin. Antibiotics to be given. Cleanliness of the foot and avoidance of trauma required

? Osteomyelitis ? Infection with impending wet gangrene Strict DM control X-ray for r/o Osteomyelitis Doppler study for assessment vascularity treatment according with pentoxifylline sos Micronutrient with vit B&C

Diabetic foot with cellulitis and infection of great toe

Diabetic foot

Diabetic foot

Diabetic foot with cellulitis and infection of great toe . Strict glycaemic control to be achieved by insulin. Inj .cetriaxone I gm + Sulbactum 500mg B.D for 7days followed by oral cefuroxime 500mg B.D for 7days along with chymoral forte for 7days. Diabetic foot care. A colour Doppler study of lower limb vessels to rule out peripheral vascular disease. With aggressive treatment, gangrene can be prevented

Agree sir...

Gangrene of foot

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