45yrs male having this cystic mass .soft and movable since 4-5yrs.smaller one is since few mnths.no pain no itching.

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Madam it's a case Favre Racouchot syndrome The cysts are Sebaceous cyst, you are also seeing Macrocomedones with solar elastotic changes in skin.

Thank u Dr Sangeeta for tagging. Dr Avitus John Rakesh prasad sir has a point. Favre Racouhot syndrome is a good bet . There are actinic damaged elastosis with cysrs and psudosysts. I beg to differe from him inthe sense that the cysts are a part of the dyndrome and not sebesiouscysts. The superimposed comidons give a false impression of punctum. If u carefully observe there are more than two to three comedones on the surface of the cyst where as seb cyst has but one punctm. Hence binging of a seperatepathology may not be warrented. Prevention of UV exposure induced skin damage and tepair of already induced skin damage are the twin planks of management. Prognosis is good.

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Thank you for tagging me Doctor. With the help of theoretical exposure that i have to this topic i percept this lesion as epidermoid cyst. As the mass is mobile soft and painless and on the surface we can see multiple keratinous plugs. So it could very well be keratinous cyst. Treatment will be surgical excision of cyst. f/b. Topical retinoids like adapalene once daily in the evening to normalise process of keratinization. Ddx to read along: #lipoma #pilar cyst# scwhanoma # Nodulocystic acne

Use of retinoids to be considered later after healing of the surgical wound completely. And also comedone extraction should be considered.

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Sebaceous cyst

@Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad @Dr. P.kishore Kumar @Dr. Mayur Mengji @Dr. Asv Prasad

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