42M,progressive cough,dyspnea gr4,since 8days, travelled to kerala recently.spo2 84%on nasal 02.HR130,BP110/60,newly ムT2DM.whats possible diagnosis and treatment?




Left mid lobe inhomogeneous. Opacity,massive cardiomagaly,bilateral pl eff, cong. hepatomegaly n low voltage ecg.suggest koch's chest, pericardial eff, cc f n DM. Inv req echo,sp afb, cbnaat, thy profile.

Elevation R cupola of Diaphragm. Prominent Hilary shadows L more than R. Non homogenous opacity mid and lower zone L. ?viral pneumonia.

ZLow voltage in limb and some precardial leads.T inversion past V3, qt prolongation, non homogeneous markings are predominantly on left, angle increased in right cardioplegic angle.HR disproportionate to saturation. Bronchitis with pericardial effusion .Adv Echo.Need more information on electrolytes , treatment given.

?congestive cardiac failure.. 2d-echo.. trop-t n ckmb, electrolytes.. urine for ketones..sugar levels.. sputum examination if any

Pleural effusion right and Pneumonitis LMZ.


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Clinicallt & X-ray support CCF But Ecg show Low voltage T wave inversion in v2 to v5 Long Qt Check S.Troponin Advise Echo

Get his 2D echo & ECG ,? CCF also cpk mb

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