30 years old young healthy male patient, non smoker, non alcoholic, vegetarian having c/o backache off and on and morning stiffness in back for around 2 years which improves after exercise/mobilization H/o Near complete tear of right tendo achilles spontaneously while walking 2 years back- operated and repaired. H/o recently detected hypertension (~150/90mmHg) and hyperlipidemia+. August 2020: Vitamin B12: 112(low), Vit.D3: 10(very low) June 2021: ESR: 2, CRP:1 (normal range- upto 6); LFT, RFT normal. HLA B27: Negative(By flowcytometry) X ray pelvis and LS spine attached. As per radiologists there is intervertebral calcification seen in x rays. D/d: Ankylosing spondylitis; Ochronosis; ?? Kindly opine.



@psorinum Graphitis Rhustox1m weekly Ledum1m Alternate week

@Patient had to sleep onback straitly onhard surface asCauki Calnecsyp savervittab DD50Inject use WaistBelt Treatment should be done for long terms

Acupuncture can help to cure.

Tab-Zerodol sp 1 (BD) Tab-Mathylprednicelone 1 (BD) Tab -Zincovit 1 (PC) Tab- Aciloc 150mg 1(BD) After 7 days start Ayurvedic treatment Triyodasang gugullu vati 1(BD) Punarnavadi mandur vati 1(BD) Nadi sweda ( 7 days) Syrup- Shallaki 1 spoon (TDS)


It is better to do MRI.. and treat accordingly

Symphytom 200,Ruta 200, arnica 200,Cal. Phas 6x

Can these medicines increase joint space in this case

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According to clinic symptoms we can consider it vata kapha vriddhi.. I thik batter go for sodhan treatment... after ama pachan and ruksha swaedanam go for internal snehan with eranda oil for 6-7 day followed by virechan with eranda oil. After that go for eranda mooladi vasthi. Saman medicine- 1. Ekangavir rasa 20gm PRAVAL pristi- 10gm Giloy satva-20gm Abhrak vasma-5gm Vrihat vat chintamani rasa- 10 tab ... mixed all the medicine and make 60 pouch and take before breakfast and before dinner 2. Lumbagest cap 2 cap bdac 3. Dhanwantharam thailam apply locally for farther discussion you can also WhatsApp me if you want 9434359491

Dhanyawad. Aapse discuss krenge is baare me.

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Symphytum, Q Vit D Calc carb cm fortnightly

Can these medicines increase joint space??

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