29 yr/f comes with these itchy red lesions, present since 1 week. fluid filled blisters were present 2 days before. She wear silk shirt 1 week ago. so what is the diagnosis and treatment for this.



In Ayurveda... Vicharchika Nimbadhi guggulu Sarivadyasava Triphala wash, yastimadhu dusting

It's look like viral infection. .if there is burning sensation . Or may be contact Dermatitis. ..

Rhus tox 30p bd for 3days wait for response

Contact Dermatitis


Fungal infection Rx Nat.sulf 30 and Crisorbinum 200 TDs 3 days

fungle infection

In Homoeopathic rhus tox30 T.D S

Dressing with Panchgud tail . Arogyabardhni vati 1 neemghan vati1 hridrakhand 2gm. Daily B.D. Mahamanjisthadrist 15 ml. B. D.

Apis Mel 1m . REPETED dose . see the results from fist dose.

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