29/M,single,. came with c/o of upper abdominal pain, vomiting 3 days..ch alcoholic. wt 49kg. cvs&other system-no obvious abnormality.. For ur suggestion pls..



Acute alcoholic gastrities With alcholic hepatities With choleshesis iv antiboitic emset pan eldervit cylopam inj dynapar udilive

He is a case of chronic hyperacidity syndrome with obstructive jaundice. treat by ayurvedic medical therapy.

A case of Alcoholic hepatitis. CT not showing obstruction. Treat conservative, after bilirubin normal. May be plan Lap. Chole.

Please do 1.serum amylase and lipase .2MRCP to r/o pancreatic duct stricture or CBD sludge or distal cbd stricture then ready with either ercp with laparoscopic cholecystectomy or stent it and elective laparoscopic c

sorry typo lap cholecystectomy and stent or no stent only lap cholecystectomy or stent alone with elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy later

May be alcoholic gastritis start inj .nexium 40mg iv star followed by 40 me by or tds. . sup. ranidom 0 suspension10ml tds. inj. dicyclomine 10th im

Do amylase to rule out alcoholic pancreatitis

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This is a case of chronic male alcoholic with acute cholecystitis due to acute cholelithiasis and splenomegaly and hyperbilirubinemia . Treatment is 1 Stop alcohol immediately. 2 Correct dehydration by intravenous fluids. 3 Correction of electrolytes. 4 IV Antibiotics 5 IV antispamodics. 6 IV anti emetics. 7 IV PPI 8 Last and final option is either laparoscopic or open cholesytecomy.

Pancreas are normal in CT scan abdomen. Obstructive jaundice is due to gall stones. As soon as obstruction is releived by surgery, bilirubin becomes normal. Liver is not effected in this case luckily even though patient is chronic alcoholic.

obstructive jaundice, cholelithiasis with ALD. R / o pancreatitis. rx accordingly with lap cholecystectomy after jaundice subsided with conservative management. ..

Do Hepititis markers , start tab, Actibile 300 bd. if h/o fever start antimalarial,as he have spleenomegaly,daily se bili ot/pt &also do G6Pd, pt/ inr . Rest symptomatic .

Chronic alcoholism in a 29 year old male? Young male with splenomegaly, gallstones and raised bil.( both types) Normal liver and gall bladder wall on usg abdomen. Alcoholic hepatitis can be one diagnosis but screening for hemolytic anemia and Concurrent Zieves syndrome can be looked for. No pericholecystic fluid, no neck stone, normal TLC, normal gb wall do not suggest acute cholecystitis.

obstructed jaundice with?choledocholithiasis.rule out pancreatitis with serum lipase and plan mrcp if nonconclusive treat symptomatic with Iv fluid and antispasmodic antibiotic

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