28 years lactating mother Lesions on both dorsal aspects of legs Extensors of both elbow. Severe itching , Burning after scratch, Since 1 year. diagnosis? DD? Treatment?


Psoriasis ??

Lichen simplex chronicus

Lichen simplex chronicus with nodular prurigo

Lichen simplex Momate cream Antihistamine

Lichen plans with infection due to itching

Lichen planus. T/t-Fexofenadine(120)-1tab od for 3weeks,Prednisolone tab -start from 20mg per day in divided doses and taper for 6weeks. salicylic acid and clobetasol locally for 4weeks.

Lichen planus

Lichen simple chronicus

Lichen simplex chronicus with secondary infection in a lactating mother. Becs of severe itching . Ampicillin 500mg bd 5 days orally Cetrizine 10mg at night Polaramine 2mg in the morning Halobetasone with Gentamycin in inflected areas Halobetasone with Salicylic in Licheified areas. DD Psoriasis, Eczema , Lichen planus

Why so medicines? Why to start with steroids, i am not getting.

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Lichen planus

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