25yr female pat. Presented with pain epigastric region which increases after meal .pain sometimes radiate in chest region Lft side (throbbing pain ) since 3days H/o hypothyroidism on 25 mg since1year Pat. Weight 60 kg (10kg increased within 1year ) No h/o constipation ,bowel habits -3times day Menstrualh/o bleeding phase dec. From 8to 5 days since 1year ,,,palpitation No h/o htn,t2dm Pat. Tok antacid,analgesic but no relief USG -nrml Ecg-right axis deviation Hb-10 LFT-nrml s.amylase-50 Suggest diagnose ,,,treatment?????



Agree with Dr Arunava give Avipattikar Churn 3gm 2 times a day Tab sookteen of alarsin before meals 3 times a day six months

Annadravashoola Give avipathikara choornam 1/2 hour before noon food with milk.. Vilwadi gulika 1_0_1 Indukantham kashaya bd

Avipatikar churn, mukta pisti, parwal panchamrit, arogyavardhani vati, udaramrit vati, wheat grass powder

It may be gastric ulcer, caused by Hyperacidity,small and frequent Meal is advised, Avoid spicey and oily CARBOVEG, ANACARD,robiniaQ Is helpful MEDICINE Endoscopic is needed

Endoscopy ( ? Gastric ulcer ) h . Pylori.. diet modification , lifestyle changes, PPI...

R/o hiatus hernia with reflux esophagitis

Do: *TSH, T3 and T4 *2D ECHO

Acid Peptic Disease (?) Reasses Sr T₃ ,T₄ and TSH status . Start with Proton pump inhibitors ( esmoprazol 20 mg od bbf ) for 1 month .

Merc.sol-30 xbd & Thyroidinum-200xod & platinum met-30 tds x 7 days

Dr. Kanika Sharma Don't worry !! It's a simple case of peptic ulcer syndrome better to say gastric ulcer. May due to NSAID induced ulcer. Pain radiates towards chest due to fundic flatulence. Pain aggravated after intake of meal is common feature of GU. Here only exception is patient gain body weight is an example of duodenal ulcer. because intake food again and again to relieve pain which increases body weight. Suggested....... Upper G I endoscopy with urease test to detect H.Pylori. Or Ba-meal X-ray. Don't ignore the heart cause also. ECG confirmed Right axis deviation so chances of myocardial infurction and mitral stenosis. Even a slight degree of right axis deviation may be very significant and that its proper evaluation can be of prime importance in leading to a correct clinical diagnosis though Right axis - - deviation in younger is of little importance. Homoeopathic medicines are......... Kali.carb., Kreosotum.


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