25 yr primi 4 months of amenorrhoea has come with generalised weakness ,continuous sweating, continuous nausea and vomiting for past 3 months (on and off).No Fever,chills and rigor.burning micturation and lower abd vage pain.weight has been drastically reduced from 55 kg to 45 kg for past 3 months. Bp-100/60mmhg ,PR- NORMAL. Kindly suggest what treatment and other investigations can be done for this patient.



Good management prog.given

Dr, this looks like hyperemesis with UTI . Admit her give IV fluids,Antibiotics according to culture report. USG abdomen& sr. electrolytes. The wt loss is huge in this pt.Check wt after a week & go for detailed investigation & rule out HIV& TB.

Next investigation do USG whole abdomen...And ESR is very High it's may be TB abdomen..... But before any conclusion ,do HIV test ....

It's a case of severe uti , prescribe Antibiotics according to urine culture and sensitivity test,a antiemetic for nausea and vomiting lots of water,multivitamine,may be electrolyte imbalance,correct it

Maam how can you say that it's severe UTI and what about weight loss

Pl do USG abdomen

Also check her TFT

ANC with hyperemesis hospitalisation & IV fluids with antiemetic , multivitamins. Hemogram, urine, USG STUDY,,BSR, already investigated. Dramatic weight loss needs to R/ O advise HIV, Hbsag, XCR, physicians opinion SOS

Thanks a lot Dr Majeed sir

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Hyperemesis gravidarum.Give fluids and anti emetics.Get advice of gynaecologist also

Wat about her pregnancy test...n scan...

Bcoz of hyperemisis patient is dehydrated ..hospitalise the patient n.p.o 24 hrs .take patient on l.V fluid maintenance..ANTI emetic drugs antibiotics ...iron sucrose ..tramadol and dortaverine...

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