2 months old baby with swelling in the neck. had received BCG at birth and was on steroids prescribed by PP for weight gain



Please elicit Koch's contact history. ....

Seems like cold abscess....FNAC will solve the diagnostic dilemma. ....Work up for tuberculosis...And , in the meanwhile start on broad spectrum antibiotics. ...

R/o Tuberculous cold abscess of lower neck due to hypersensitivity to tubercle protein

sternomastoid hematoma organized occurred D/T birth trauma

Swelling looks like matted nodes.Please do FNAC and U/S Neck.

Agreed with Dr. B.V.S. Prasad.

may be matted lymph node or may be sternomastoid tumour

what was the diagnosis dr mohan

looks like parotid swelling... mumps???

broncoscopy needed can be retrophyringial abcess

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