Doctors are revered all around the world. Not only he/she puts in long hours day and day out, the outcome of their hard work translates to saving of actual lives. And dare I say, no profession in the world boasts of a more challenging everyday routine.  While each and every doctor is great in his/her own rights, we believe that there are some doctors who completely revolutionize the medical profession to serve the society better. Among the 190,000 doctors that Curofy has, there are numerous doctors who with their persistent efforts and strong determination have achieved true mentor status in the community Here are some senior doctors on Curofy app, to whom we and community is grateful for their precious participation.

Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad

A respected Dermatologist from Madurai, India, Dr. John specializes in vitiligo surgery, hair transplant, and all lasers used in dermatology. The prominent stature of Dr. John can be gauged by his performance on Curofy. Dr. John has posted 23 cases and answered 1364 others; this has helped him in garnering 352 followers and 51 recommendations.  He has also been invited as a prominent speaker in many national and international dermatology and cosmetic surgery conferences. Dr. John’s stellar performance on Curofy has helped him become “Key Opinion Leader” on Curofy.

Dr. Gopala Vanaja

A respected Gynecologist, and Obstetrician and Fertility expert from Hyderabad, she has been nothing short of a mentor to a lot of doctors on Curofy.  With 48 cases posted, 628 answers given, Dr. Vanaja has been successful in garnering 124 followers and 16 recommendations.  Her passion in infertility treatment has helped in becoming a “Top Expert” on Curofy.

Dr. Ramesh Dutt Gautam

Specializing in Radiology, Dr. Dutt is a Radiologist in District Hospital Mathura. Dr. Dutt is among the “Top Experts” on Curofy, as he has posted 173 cases and answered 564 others. Dr. Dutt has a following of 229 followers and also has 6 recommendations. His detailed and informative posts are helpful for doctors and medical students alike.

Dr. Arjun Singh Shekhawat

Specializing in Pulmonology, Dr. Shekhawat is a retired junior specialist (TB and Chest Diseases). Dr. Shekhawat has posted 143 cases and answered 542 others. He has a strong following of 170 followers and 21 recommendations. Dr. Shekhewat’s contribution has helped him becoming an “Expert” on Curofy.

Dr. Jaideep Chandra

A respected Neurosurgeon from Lucknow; Dr. Chandra has 16 years of experience of managing neurosurgical cases in private practice. Dr. Chandra is also an associate professor of Neurosurgery in Private medical college from past 3 years. He has answered in 167 cases discussion and has a following of 31 followers along with 5 recommendations. His significant contribution on Curofy has helped him become a “Top Contributor” on the platform.


At Curofy we believe if given a deserving platform, each and every doctor can unleash his/her true potential and contribute to change the world and make it a healthier place to live. Curofy provides a platform that caters all the needs of doctors with digital avenues, so doctors can be more efficient in their everyday work. And its been so far so good.

Senior Doctors in India

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