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  1. 35yrs,tamil male,c/o breathlessness +(DOE),mild pedal odema,no fever,occaisional cough,intermittent arthralgia,calf pain,,spot the dignosis,i ll explain the case after you dignose the case



Accepted Answers     

RHD with mitral valvular lesion undergone MVR


2. 6 month male child with h/o mucosal swelling over upper lip.diagnosis???and treatment

Accepted Answer

epulis rx exision


3. how to predict,diagnose & manage lactic acidosis in T2DM?

Accepted Answer

Lactic acidosis in T2DM is commonly atributed to class of OHA Biguanides (Metformin and phenformin), phneformin being a more likely culprit is no longer used, but patients taking metformin especially elderly and patients wid renal impairment should always be kept under surveillance fr signs of lactic acidosis, which clinically can be diagnosed wid picture resembeling any other acidosis i.e. fatigue, anorexia, excess nausea, vomitings, leg crampings and in later stages acidotic breathing wid tachypnoea and altered sensorium. Dehydration is also a known precipitant of the condition as also is superadded infections. Lab diagnosis is wid ABG and sr. lactate levels.

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