Healthcare is taking a giant leap forward. And it is the digital wave that has hit them hard. It has shown them the vagaries of their current operations and the economics of future. The excitement , the inquisitiveness, the anxiety is very apparent amongst all the stakeholders across all their verticals. The inevitability of a major disruption has already taken shape. Adoption and time are two major roadblocks towards that impending future.

One such vertical is healthcare recruiting. An industry in itself, healthcare recruiting has been a sluggish run of the mill exercise for long. Personal contacts, scattered agencies and lot of irrelevance has dented this function for long. Today the process includes tedious phone calls, hard fought negotiations, personal interviews and very low rate of conversions. And above all it takes on an average one full month (in some cases even longer) for a hospital to zero in on a candidate. The catch here is that due to a lack of a  universal database, mapping interest to location preference to education background to other variables, the candidates end up rejecting offers or even leaving their jobs within months or even the days after their joining. Just ask the hospitals in tier 2, tier 3 towns, and you will get the picture. It should not be so hard. Should it?

As it turns out it is not. Today doctor specific niche digital platforms have ensured that healthcare recruitment can be both efficient and reliable . Lets take the example of Curofy. A platform of 190000+ doctors collaborating on a single platform with data being mapped from  their willingness to find a job to their salary expectations to their education profile to location preferences to n no of other details that can out do initial phone calls and the mindless negotiations. It can just filter out the right candidates even before you have touched base with them. And being the digital platform the pricing will never blow a hole in your pocket. In fact they are of ten 5-6 times lower than the usual methods. All you need to worry is hiring the best doctor for the job. It is that simple, that easy.

Healthcare recruiting needs to explore these newer options. This will not only make your job a whole lot easier, it will always help stay connected to doctors looking for their first jobs or a change. Thats a good enough reason to try them right away.

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